Microchip's PIC® Microcontrollers

Lower Total System Cost:

Appropriate levels of integration of analog and digital peripherals from simple to complex, minimizing component count for lower total system cost with increased reliability. Some examples of functionality integrated into our MCUs and DSCs are:

  • Communications Peripherals: SPI, I2C™, UART, CAN, USB, Ethernet, IrDA®, LIN

  • Control Peripherals: Capture/Compare, Counters, RTC, Motor Control & PWM

  • Integrated Display Drivers: LED, LCD

  • On-chip internal oscillators and PLL

  • Analog Peripherals: A/D Converters, comparators, op amps, brown-out detection and reset, low voltage detection, temperature sensors, D/A Converters, voltage regulators

  • Microchip also offers a variety of standalone memory, analog & interface products.


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