Microchip's PIC® Microcontrollers

24/7 Support and Regional Training Centers Worldwide:

Microchip’s 24/7 global technical support line offers technical support resources when you need it. In addition, Microchip offers standard software libraries, reference designs, application notes, and seminars both online and at Microchip Regional Training Centers.


 Production Programming Services :

The programming center allows customers of all sizes to have their programming code applied to their purchased Microchip parts. Using the programming center, you will be able to upload your code and place verification orders and ensure that your code works as expected. Once you have verified your code works properly, you can approve it and apply it to your production orders placed online using microchipDIRECT.


Convenient Ordering using microchipDIRECT:

Introducing  microchipDIRECT, the new way to buy from Microchip. It offers on-line customers competitive  microchipDIRECT  pricing from Microchip team. You can choose to order with a credit line or credit card when it is most convenient for you.



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