Technological Consultancy Services for Embedded Product Developments

We are in the field of Industrial Control & Automation since year 1988.   We have designed and developed various Embedded Microcontroller and PC based control systems and carried out many projects as per requirement of the clients.

Projects executed like PID Controllers, Cam Controllers, Digital position Indicators, Digital Read Outs, Tachometers, Cut to Length Systems, Bottle & Pouch Filling Machine Controls, Wire Cutting & Stripping Controllers, Conveyor Controls, Packaging Controls, Programmable Sequential Timers & Logic Controllers, Data Loggers & Data Acquisition systems, Customised Displays, Multilingual Dot Matrix Scrolling Displays, Temperature Controllers, Security Systems, GSM based applications, SCADA and many more.

We also provide the Technological Consultancy to client's electronic engineers in the field of Control & Automation and Embedded Microcontroller based product developments. The service comprise of  advice & guidance in Specifications Finalisation, Components Assortment, Hardware & Schematic Circuit Designing,  Power Supply Designing, P.C.B. Layouting, Housing Selection, Assembly or Embedded C code Programming, Debugging,  Testing, Troubleshooting etc.