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Embedded Microchip Microcontrollers

Advanced Diploma

Six Months

Full Time (Mon. to Thur.)

Degree or Diploma in Electronics/Electrical/Computers discipline or  Experienced professionals familiar with Hexadecimal Number System and fundamentals of  Electronics along with basic knowledge of computers.

This course of Advanced Diploma in Embedded Microchip Microcontrollers is mainly designed for fresh engineers. The course is intended to study the most wide rage of Microchip Microcontrollers along with ancillary devices and tools thoroughly and to make a profession or career in the Embedded Microcontrollers. This job oriented course entitles & guarantees a good challenging job.

The course is intended to learn thoroughly with more practicals and hands-on sessions along with the implementation of a project work so as to expertise in Embedded Microchip Microcontrollers of full range of PIC10/12/16/18 and able to design the embedded systems. Our aim of conducting the course is to withstand the students in the embedded industry with great confidence and optimism on successful completion of the curriculum..

PIC Microcontroller Hardware
Concept of Embedded system, PIC Microcontrollers, Review of Number system, Architecture, Central Processing Unit & Arithmetic and Logical Unit, Concept of Register file, Instruction Formats, Memory organization, Addressing Modes, Stack, Table Read & Write, Hardware 8x8 Multiplier, Instruction set, I/O Ports, Parallel slave port, Interrupts, Timers, Compare/Capture/PWM, ADC, Voltage Reference, Comparator, EEPROM, Synchronous Serial Port, SPI & I2C, Serial Communication USART, CAN Bus, USB, LCD, Low Voltage Detect, Watchdog Timer, Device Configuration Bits, In Circuit Serial Programming, Types of Oscillators, Types of Reset

Microcontroller Software
Various practicals in Assembly Language Programming to learn instruction sets; Data Move/Transfer Instructions, Arithmetic and Logical Instructions, Boolean and Branching Instruction along with examples and debugging

Embedded C
Basic C Language, Embedded C, Invoking the compiler, Data types and limits, Data type storage, Storage classes, storage qualifiers, System Header, Files User Header Files, Processor-Specific Header Files, Processor-Specific Register Definitions Files, Configuration Words, Memory models, Calling convention, Return Values, Managing the Software Stack, Mixing C and Assembly, Interrupt, reset, Start up code, Compiler managed resource

Development tools
MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Assembler, Linker, Compiler, MPLAB Simulator software, Debugger hardware support, Programmers, Development boards

Peripheral Interface
LED Display, Keyboards, LCD, ADC, DAC, RTC, EEPROM,Serial Communications RS-232, RS-485, SPI, I2C, USB, DC & Stepper Motor etc.
Hands-on Sessions
Learn with examples and self-experience all the hardware features of PIC Microcontrollers and interfacing with the various peripherals.

Important element of the course is to learn and get an self experience by designing and implementing a project of student’s innovative ideas, which will definitely boost the self‑confidence of students in Embedded Microcontrollers.  Thus at the end of the course students will find themselves an expert in full range of PIC Microcontrollers.

Rs.75,000/- (Rupees Seveny Five Thousand Only) Taxes / Duties Additional as & when applicable



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