Embedded Microcontroller Technology

The designing of Embedded Systems and Programming for the same is not like the Computer Hardware designing and Computer Software Programming.  Embedded system designing is very challenging, exciting and diverse kind of activity. This technology comprises of both Hardware as well as Software with equal significance to explore the various applications.

The Embedded Technology is implemented in almost all the electronic appliance. The embedded system is used in all the segments; for eg. in Household items like Microwave Oven, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Television, VCRs, Audio Systems, Security system etc.; in Offices Computer Equipments like Printers, Modems, Disk Drives or Fax machine, etc.; in Automobiles like Engine Control, Climate control, Locking System, Security Controls etc.; in Environmental Control like Greenhouse, Factory, etc.; in Industries like Instrumentation, Control & Automations, Data Acquisitions etc.; similarly in Aerospace, Mobile Phones, Signal Systems & thousands of other uses.

Earlier the microprocessors were used in the embedded systems but now  microprocessors are been replaced by the new generation advanced microcontrollers in many embedded control applications as well as they are used in almost every sophisticated instruments, controllers, data acquisition systems, security systems, telecom, etc.  The advantages of using microcontrollers are flexibility of changing the program & setting parameters, cost effective, peripheral interfacing, serial communication and many more.  There are several types of microcontrollers available from various manufacturers in the world.  Each one has some advantages or disadvantages over the other microcontrollers. The selection of the correct microcontroller in your application is also very important task while designing your embedded system.


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